What Are The Notable Concepts In Measuring Digital Leadership Among Teachers?

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Nurhafizah Abdul Musid , Mohd Effendi Ewan Mohd Matore & Aida Hanim A. Hamid


There is increasing trend in research on digital leadership recently. However, research on variables used in measuring digital leadership among teachers is not greatly discussed in educational field. Therefore, this study aims to identify and explain significant variables which commonly used in measuring digital leadership among teachers. This paper has referred to a few papers related to digital leadership in educational field. As a result, there are 10 important variables that has been identified in measuring digital leadership among teachers which are excellence in professional practice, digital age learning culture, digital citizenship, visionary leadership, systemic improvement, communication, use of digital technology, public relations, learning space and environment, and students’ learning and engagement. Therefore, it is suggested to conduct an in-depth study on identifying subconstructs for these ten variables and a study for determining the level of digital leadership among teachers in Malaysia.  

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