Teachers' And Students' Experiences In Chemistry Learning Difficulties

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Narayan Prasad Timilsena ; Krishna Bhakta Maharjan ; Krishna Maya Devkota


This study was carried out to determine what teachers and students think about how difficult it is for students to learn chemistry. Based on a qualitative research design, this study looks at the experiences of students and teachers in high school and how they learn about chemistry. Three public schools and their respective six science teachers were chosen on purpose. The data was collected through in-depth interviews with 21 students and six teachers, open-ended questionnaires, three focus group discussions (FGDs), and three classroom observations. The information was then analyzed by manual procedure and with N-Vivo version 11. Students find it hard to understand the idea of a chemical reaction. Learning problems can happen because chemistry is a complex subject, there are not enough suitable teaching materials or methods, or the scope and order of the secondary science curriculum are unclear. The most important results of this study show that students have a negative view of learning chemistry, making it hard for them to learn. So, the Interactive Demonstration Method (IDM) is recommended for teaching and learning chemistry that students will often use daily life.

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