EFL Teachers’ Perceptions On The Motivational Strategies For A Successful Online Learning Environment

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Wafa' Abdemahdi Hazaymeh


The purpose of this study was to investigate English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers' perceptions of the motivational strategies they used to inspire their online students. It offers suggestions for encouraging and motivating students throughout their online learning experience. As a result, 62 EFL teachers from various private and public schools in the UAE took part in the study. For the purposes of this study, a qualitative method design, including a survey, was used. The survey was distributed to participants via a Google form, and their responses were coded accordingly. According to the findings of the study, the majority of participants communicate and interact with their students using technological tools in order to effectively engage them in an online learning environment. EFL teachers used a variety of motivational strategies to ensure the effectiveness of their online classes. The proposed ten key motivational strategies to help EFL learners succeed in online learning. The majority of participants believe that technology-based online learning has numerous advantages for keeping students motivated to learn English effectively. The study's contribution is to assist EFL teachers in developing high levels of motivation in order to ensure students' success in an online learning environment.

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