The Modern Filipino Family Under Pre-Pandemic (COVID 19) Conditions And The New Media: Quality Time Redefined

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Maria. Jeany Gonzales , Danilo S. Vargas


The research centered on the redefinition of quality time in a scenario of the modern family under pre-pandemic (Covid 19) conditions where new media is a concern. A little less than half are still going to school (45.455%) and (36.364%) are private employees.  All of the respondents (100%) have access to the internet. More than half are provided with PLDT. (66.67%). An equal proportion of the respondents uses laptop, desktop, and tablet and uses a cellphone. More than half (66.67%) use the internet from five to nine hours a day. The respondents mostly visited sites are Facebook and YouTube on the internet. When the family members arrive from school or work, the usual scenario is to immediately connect to the internet and check Facebook or YouTube to watch a series. There is no conversation happened between the members of the family because each is busy on their gadget connected to the internet. Dinner together is still observed by the three families being studied. Because they still believe that this is the only time wherein they can talk together, share what had transpired the whole day outside the home. Personal interaction and communication between family members in the home have lesser time compared to when there was no internet connection. Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays are a time to spend quality time with the family members where everybody has longer hours of staying in the home.  

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