Teachers' And Students' Experiences In Using Printed Modules In Distance Learning Under The New Normal: A Documentation Study

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Liezel C. Gatus , Danilo S. Vargas


In general, this study was conducted to identify teachers' and students' experiences by both students and teachers in using Printed Modules in Distance Learning Modality. A total of 112 teachers and students served as respondents to the study. A survey questionnaire via Google Forms was utilized in gathering the relevant data needed for this study. Descriptive statistics were utilized to analyze the data gathered. The Majority (86% ) of the students, said that they are having difficulty in answering their modules. One factor is that they do not have enough time to answer such modules ( 69% ). The majority of them (72%) believed that they can answer their modules on their own. Besides, 88% of students responded that they can easily approach their teachers and ask them whenever they have questions. From the teachers’ perspective, the problem is about some errors that can be found in the module, wherein 67% of the respondents have noticed it. The problem that teachers have encountered in printed modular distance learning is the ability of students to follow instructions. Most of the teachers (92%) said that their students are having difficulty following the instruction in their modules. Finally, the big struggle according to the teacher-respondents in the said modality is the communication problem 100% said that they are having difficulty contacting both the parents and the students.

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