Accessing the Tourist Demand for Non-Motorized Transportation Usage in World Heritage City of Malacca, Malaysia

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Jamilahtun Md Ghazali, Muhammad Zaly Shah Muhammad Hussein, Nabila Abdul Ghani, Wajihah Azizul Azman, Farah Idayu Mohd Salleh


Non-motorized transportation is commonly known as human-powered transportation which includes walking, cycling and small- wheeled such as skateboard, push scooters and roller blades. Due to the globalization of transportation, non-motorized transportation has starting to receive remarkable attention especially in urban areas, but the usage of non-motorized transportation is depending on several factors and demand that encourage people towards the usage rate. The objectives of this study are to investigate the demand of tourists towards the non-motorized transportation facilities around the cities and analyze the existing demand from tourists for non-motorized transportation. The study was conducted in World Heritage City of Malacca, Malaysia. The factors that have been found which influencing non-motorized transportation usage are demographic and sociology, recreational, accessibility, compact environment, geographical and travel time. The objective has been achieved by analyzing it using descriptive and correlation analysis. In this study, result findings shown that there are three out of four factors are significant. This preliminary study is important in extending the future recommendation regarding non-motorized transportation needs and tourist mobility management framework especially in tourism area.

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