The Role of Game Theory and Artificial Intelligence in International Relations

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Zahra Sharifzadeh , Amir Hooshang Mirkooshesh , Mohammad Mahdi Hosseini


Politics might be the most challenging behavior among human behaviors for being automated. Politics is, in nature, a complicated affair that reflects human behavior considering both individual and social dimensions. Such complexity seems more real in international relations. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an effective and inclusive area that covers technical and engineering disciplines and human sciences, especially international peace and security. Game theory has been used as a component of AI in politics and international relations, focusing on the framework of some common areas, including equitable distribution, political economy, public choice, bargaining model of war, positive political theory, and public choice theory. Researchers have discussed game theory models in the abovementioned areas. In this model, players perform as voters, governments, special interest groups, and politicians. Therefore, the extant study examined the role of game theory in international relations.

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