School Environment: A Predictor of Students’Performance at Secondary Level in Pakistan

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Shazia Jabeen , Muhammad Siddique , Dr. Kramat Ali Mughal , Huma Khalid , Waqas Shoukat


Pakistani sectors educational institutions offering three educational streams is painstaking subject for secondary school students. Students remain curious during the process of performance of students due to effect of environment. Students move away from understanding due to complications. They show their poor performance towards performance and achievement. Present research was framed to examine the effect of school environment on students’ performance as perceived by teachers at secondary level. Ultimate aim of the study was to investigate the effects of environment regarding performance in male and female students enrolled in public schools. The nature of this study was descriptive. 17 male and 17 female public schools were selected as sample school with 340 teachers. Sample were selected on the basis of simple random sampling technique for urban schools and convenient sampling technique for rural schools. An adapted questionnaire was used for data collection. A questionnaire comprised of six factors. Portion A is related to demographic factor including the basic information of the gender, portion B is related to the  Teacher Support comprising of five statements, portion C is related to the Peer Interactions comprising of five statements, Portion D is related to the Affiliation comprising of five statements, portions E is related with Student Autonomy Climate comprising of five statements, portion F is related with School Structure comprising of five statements, Portion G is related to School Harshness comprising of five statements. For testing the reliability and validity, first draft was distributed to fifty teachers. On the basis of reliability and validity instrument was revised for the final instrument and tested for reliability. From portion B two items were excluded for the final questionnaire consisted of 30 items. Researcher himself distributed and collected the data from the 340 teachers. Data were inserted in SPSS version 24 for data analysis by applying Mean, Standard Deviation, t-test and regression. Findings show that there was a significant difference between male and female teachers regarding the effect of school environment on students’ performance. Result of the research study shows that female teachers possess better environment as compare to male at secondary school level in Lahore district.

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