Review In Mucoadhesive Bio-Flexy Film For Translabial Mucosal Drug Delivery

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Prashant Kumar , Vishal , Shivanshi Saini , Wasif Rao , Devika Gautam , Utkarsh Singh , Prince Malik , Deepak Singh Aswal


The translabial mucosal drug delivery provide a significant application in release of drug by increasing bioavailability , the permeability of mucosa must be considered in the formulation of dosage form . Since a sustained drug release can be assure only if dosage form remain in contact with site of application for prolong time .the mucoadhesive bond formed of polymer and mucous substrate. The physical characteristics also be considered as factor influencing the mucoadhesion bond. The main aim of this study is to learn the translabial mucosal system behavior with bioflexy film .(Guava), Punica granatum (Pomegrante), Vitis vinifera (Grapes), Manilkara zapota (Chikoo) and Colocasia esculenta (Arbi)showed in-built ability as a novel film former as well as a mucoadhesant. The use of labial route as a mucoadhesive site is proved by study. The labial mucosa is an innovative site for mucoadhesion and can be used for drug delivery.


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