The Narratives Of Motherland In Kiran Desai’s Novel ‘The Inheritance Of Loss’

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Dr. Siddarth Keshao Patil , Prof. Dr. Varsha Vaidya


Diaspora writers depict the pangs of loneliness and alienation of the people living a diaspora life in foreign land. Motherland forms the emotional psyche of people who carries its burden to the settled land of their choice. Migration frames the world only to disperse with identities which sets differences between the host countrymen and the migrated people. The utmost result occurs with alienation, loneliness and a feeling of separateness in the behavioural patterns. The attachment with ones motherland causes detachment with the newly formed places. Such diaspora consciousness is apparent in the writings of the diaspora writers. The present research article is a sincere attempt to focus on the narratives of motherland which celebrates the love for motherland of diaspora writer Kiran Desai through her the Man Booker Prize winner novel The Inheritance of Loss.

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