Rehabilitation Of Sprained Ankle Using Internet Of Things Technology

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Annapoorani C L , Sofia Bobby J , Subha Ramya V , Divyabharathi , Hemadharshini N and Jathursha U


Ankle sprains are frequent injuries that occur among all cohort peoples. Ankle sprains constitute nearly 15% of all sports injuries, and are the foremost common traumatic emergencies. Without proper treatment and rehabilitation, a more severe sprain can weaken the ankle, making it more likely for fresh injures, and leading to long-term problems. During this work, we present an inertial measurement units (IMU)-based on physical interface for measuring the foot attitude, and a graphical computer program that acts as a visual guide for rehabilitation of patient. Development of foot mounted physical interface for ankle rehabilitation was developed. The physical interface is additionally connected with therapy system, and provides feedback to the patient while reading the sensor parametric values. The system is additionally integrated with force sensor and temperature sensor to look at changes and allows for in-home rehabilitation at a reasonable price while engaging the patient through active therapy. As per the results, more consistent rehabilitation is additionally achieved by providing feedback on foot position during therapy procedures.

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