A Comparison Of Symmetric Key Encryption Algorithms In Secure Cloud Storage Using Ehrs

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S. Shwetha , P. Banupriya , M. Nanthini , S. Vaishnavi , Dr. M. P. Revathi , Mrs. G. Keerthana , AP


Cryptographic techniques are play crucial role when the users exchange information. Data confidentiality is in any research organization refers to protecting the privacy of an individual’s data is actively involved in their respective of the research domains. Data breach can therefore be a big threat of any research organization. Hence, it's very much important to maintain the confidentiality of data. However, we provide the security for patient data like electronic health record stored in the secure cloud storage. In this paper we will analyze different data encryption techniques to compare the execution time with other existing encryption algorithms. Encryption technique should be time efficient. In this work we consider six encryption techniques: Blowfish, AES, DES, 3DES, RC4 and IDEA and two different types of EHRs content: text and image, Simulation shows that AES is time efficient than others. Comparing between symmetric key cryptography algorithms, AES take less time than the other encryption techniques.

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