Effectiveness Of Technologies Based On Cluster Power In The Strategy Of Eliminating The Ecological Crisis Of Our Agrosphere

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Abdullaev M1 , Jumaev Sh.M.


The cluster is considered as integral consisting of interdependent separateness. It is believed that the formation and development of a cluster is a general pattern of the formation and development of the existing one. The structure of the ecosystem is illuminated in the light of the structure of the cluster, the balance of the ecosystem is accepted as the balance of the cluster divisions. It is proved that environmental crises are a destabilized ecosystem structure as a cluster. The ability of soil organic matter to create vertical salinity drainage has been established. The histоry of the Aral crisis is described in an optimal light based on organic farming in preventing its consequences. The essence and scale of the country's environmental crisis in the light of the destabilization of its structure as a cluster are analyzed. As a cluster of agricultural technologies that can withstand the cluster of causes of environmental crises in the agricultural sector, the creation of a diversified small organic agricultural enterprise on an industrial basis is proposed.

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