Ever After, A Cinderella Story Through The Feminist’s Lens And Pen

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Dr. Carmel Vip C. Derasin


The study analyzes the feminist portrayal of the female protagonist in the movie Ever after: A Cinderella Story using the Liberal Feminist theory and Reader-Response theory. It specifically focuses on the events and characterization that portray feminism. . The study reveals that the plot structure of Ever After has events in which the female protagonist is faced with challenges and she addresses them with confidence and wit, making her a woman of her own mind despite how the world sees her as a weak character. Moreover, the portrayal of the female protagonist reflects a brave, strong-willed, intelligent, God-fearing, resourceful, and courageous woman. These feminist portrayals in the film show woman empowerment, which encourages the audience to become like the character and inspired the researcher to create a writeback

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