Religious Prayers, Meditation, And Mindfulness: A Study During Covid 19 In India

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Kholgade Kavita , Kumar Ashwani , Manjre Uday , Kumar Vinod


Covid 19 disease in March 2019 forced to lock down everything in India and around the world, people at home faced many challenges during the lockdown, this study was undertaken during the lockdown period to know the ritual practices done by the people during covid 19. Mental Health is most important, this study tried to find out the outlook of people’s mindfulness practice and to know the various practices used by people to maintain good mental health. The study was conducted online mode through google forma total of 200 participants 64% Female and 34% of females participated in this study through their self-concern by answering the Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale (Brown, Ryan, 2003). This scale is used to understand mindfulness and awareness of a current situation or a present moment.  This scale is based on the understanding that all humanity has internal and external which is called awareness. The researcher studied the various practices used by people for happiness. The study results indicate that maximum people perform religious prayer followed by meditation and very few practice mindfulness in their daily routine. The mindfulness survey result found that 40% of people do their tasks in automatic mode rather than being aware in the moment, and half of the participants experience emotions at a later stage without consciousness. 31% are not able to stay focused in the present moment. Results conclude that mindfulness is lacking in day-to-day experiences, especially during the period of lockdown. Mindfulness needs to be practiced for our Mental Health.

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