Management Of Public Space: Canal Nacional In Mexico City

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Marco Antonio Coello Buck , María de Lourdes Hernández-Rodríguez


The Canal Nacional, the last and most important waterway built in today's Mexico City, is 2,000 years old, and despite the landscape and environmental benefits it provides, it has remained abandoned for a long time, becoming a place with garbage and unsafe conditions. Based on the above, Mexico Territorio Creativo [MXTC] and the De La Rosa Foundation have carried out an intervention project aimed at restoring and giving life to El Canal, through a set of actions that have provided an important ecological support for the rehabilitation of this emblematic public space, demonstrating the importance of coexistence, empowerment and the construction of the social and cultural fabric, and have repaired the damage caused to its ecosystem. Presenting the case of El Canal Nacional at an international level has made visible the neighborhood work carried out for its safeguarding, which in parallel has favored the implementation of participatory workshops on environment, art and culture.

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