The Role Of Service Provider Ethics In Customer Commitment: An Analytical Study Of The Opinions Of A Sample Of Private Bank Customers In The Central Euphrates Governorates

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Ahmed Kadem Abed AL Aboudy , Lina Abdullah Radi


The current research aims to identify the impact of the ethics of the service provider through its dimensions on the commitment of the customer through his dimensions. He developed two main hypotheses, from which several hypotheses are branched, to measure the level of correlation and influence by analyzing the relationship between these variables. The private banks in the Middle Euphrates region, represented by (bank customers) were chosen in the field to study and test their assumptions, and the questionnaire was adopted as a main tool in collecting data related to the field aspect of the research. The relationship of correlation and a significant impact on the commitment of the customer, and the study concluded with a set of recommendations and suggestions.

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