Assessment Of Outcome Of Retrograde Nailing In Distal 1/3rd Fracture Shaft Femur

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Dr. Ravindra B Gunaki , Dr. Sandeep Patil , Dr. Nishant K Gaonkar


Background: The distal third femoral fractures comprise 6% of all femoral fractures. The present study was conducted to assess outcome of retrograde nailing in distal 1/3rd fracture shaft femur.

Materials & Methods: 78 patients of distal 1/3rd fracture shaft femur of both genders were treated with retrograde nailing. Parameters such as mode of injury, type of fracture, mean time from the injury, mean duration of the surgery, mean time of the fracture healing, post-operative knee range of motion (ROM) etc. was recorded.

Results: Out of 78 patients, males were 48 and females were 30. Mode of injury was RTA in 41, fall in 10 and domestic violence in 7. Types of fracture was compound in 10, closed in 18, isolated femoral in 26 and polytrauma in 4. The difference was significant (P< 0.05). The mean time from the injury was 3.5 days, mean duration of the surgery was 94.2 minutes, mean time of the fracture healing was 18.2 weeks and post-operative knee range of motion (ROM) was 132.5 degree.

Conclusion: Retrograde nailing is a reliable alternative in the management of selected complicated fractures of the distal femoral shaft.

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