A Preliminary Study On The Inheritance And Development Of Lingbao Taoist Music A Take On Jiangxi Lingbao School Taoist Dharma Music

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Yibing Bao ,Ho-Chung Yeh


In summary, Lingbao Taoism belongs to one of the Taoist sects in China; namely the Lingbao sect.  The Lingbao School was founded in the last era of the Eastern Jin Dynasty (Dated from 266-420 AD) in China. The classic "Lingbao Jing" in it advocates fasting and straightening merits and persuading virtue into people and therefore enlightening them to penance. It had a significant impact on the history of Taoism in China.  In Lingbao Taoism, its fasting ritual music is deeply influenced by various terms of music including: court music, buddha music, opera, and many other musical cultures. Moreover, it has profound connotations in the form of musical expression.  It can be said that Lingbao Taoist ritual music has become a critical part of China’s traditional/ritual music culture, and every link in its development has carried and precipitated the rich national cultural essence. This article will discuss the basic composition of Lingbao Taoist music, analyze its cultural connotation, function, and most importantly, Inheritance and development strategy of Lingbao Taoist music.

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