Counselling Psychology: The Role Recognition In India

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Sargun Bedi , Dr. Ravneet Kaur


Counselling psychology as a subject matter and as a profession has been in limelight for a while now. In India, practice of clinical psychology is dominant. However, researchers have developed a favorable attitude towards the acknowledgement of counselling psychology as a potent entity, independent from its clinical colleagues. This article presents a literature review of counselling psychology in professional practice, focusing on the function and role of counselling psychologists in comparison with other mental health professions, particularly clinical psychologists. The purpose being the exploration of counselling psychology as a professional field in terms of its acceptance in the society. It is being debated for its west adopted practices which counts for its bleak recognition. As an independent profession, counselling psychology has been making a way, but, is still rooted in clinical origins of mental health. Accounting its growth as an autonomous profession in India, licensure is at the top of the list; with recognition and acceptance as grappling issues. It is still an open question whether or not western-style counselling education & practice can have an impact in Indian society, despite the fact that modern life and related stress has made it necessary to have access to counselling psychologists.

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