Analysis Of Cartoon Film Watching On Psycho-Social And Educational Orientation Of The Primary Level Learners

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Dr. Muhammad Iqbal , Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed , Dr. Atia Arshad Malik , Zaib Un Nisa


The purpose of this study was to analyse how cartoon film content persuades primary school learners in their psycho-social and educational development. The population of the study was primary school teachers of both private and schools school in Punjab, Pakistan. The random sampling technique was used and the sample size was made from the districts of Sialkot, Dera Ghazi khan, Bahawalpur, and Multan. The research instrument included 12-questions instrument consisted of psycho-social development and 08-questions about the education growth of the respondents. SPSS was used for data analysis and major results perceived that sixty percent (60%) of the primary teachers agreed that primary students' psycho-social development was affected by watching violence-oriented cartoons.  A significant gender difference was noted between teachers' perceptions, emotional manners like as fighting habits among primary students are increased, the aggressive emotional manners (p<0.05). This study recommended that primary students' parents may be involved in reducing the practice of their children watching violent cartoons.

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