Erp Implementation Process Improvement: A Methodological Proposals

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Fayiz Momani , Anas G. Kanaan , M. Hafiz Yusoff , Syarilla Iryani A. Saany , Amer Hatamleh , Yousef A.Baker El-Ebiary


In today's business context, ERP systems are highly complex. Many firms find it challenging to modify their business procedures in order to improve their business system. The establishment of these systems requires a substantial amount of money and effort. A comprehensive negotiation of the transformation must address the present processes, the future processes, and the new requirements for process automation of the future processes, forecasting and developing these extra demands. The primary purpose of our study is to enhance the functionality of ERP system implementation in manufacturing enterprises and minimise the risk of information systems system failure. Existing theoretical techniques were analysed in order to design a more effective strategy for adopting ERP systems in businesses. Theoretical evaluations and practical research highlighted deficiencies using a questionnaire survey. The recommended ERP system implementation method for an industry sector should, in our view, resolve these concerns. Our objective is to concentrate on the most essential ERP system deployment components.

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