Development And Validation Of Teachers’ Occupational Stress Questionnaire (Tosq) For School Teachers

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The modern world is full of difficulties. Teaching is a mentally and physically demanding profession. Occasionally teaching becomes stressful for the teachers. Workplace stress has become more prevalent in the teaching profession, owing to rising occupational demands and economic difficulties on an individual. Keeping in view the importance, a scale is developed to measure the teachers’ occupational stress, to create a better working environment for teachers of schools. Firstly,47 items were generated from literature review on physical stress, social stress, emotional stress, and cognitive stress. Psychologists and academics were approached for their professional judgement on the validity of the items. During validation process two items were excluded. Remaining items were 45. The questionnaire was distributed to 1046 teachers to rate themselves on a five-point Likert’s Scale. Data obtained was fed into Software Package for Social Scientist (SPSS) for reliability statistics. In reliability statistics one item was deleted, so remaining were 44. These 44 items have α value of .93 The scale has good reliability value. The reliability value of the sub-scales is also good. The scale can be easily used to measure the occupational stress in teachers.

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