Influence Of Multimedia Celebrities Based Analysis On Smoking Cohort- A Cross Sectional Survey

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Dr. Naveenraj NS , Dr. Swetha R , Dr. Swathy D , Dr. Mukundan P E , Dr. Vijila K V , Dr. Arockia Antony Praveen J


BACKGROUND: Smoking acts shown in movies may increase the use of tobacco in people, which is one of leading causes of cancer in India. The objective of the study is in attempt to establish a relationship between smoking and influence of advertisements and influence of on-screen actors and its effect on tobacco usage among people residing in Chennai.

METHODOLOGY: A cross-sectional study was conducted among 162 individuals drawn according to the pilot study conducted. The study was conducted among smokers who are in the locality of Kundrathur area, Chennai. A pre validated questionnaire was taken and data was collected among the smokers. The study was assessed by dividing into low, moderate and high dependence scale of Fagerstorm. Statistical analysis was done using SPSS software, descriptive statistics was used to find the frequency and percentage distribution and chi-square test was used to find the association between the level of smokers and the questionnaire recorded.

RESULTS: The study reveals a positive association between the use of tobacco shown to influence by multimedia. It is clearly seen that the influence of multimedia increases the prevalence of smoking thereby increasing the health effects of the individuals who smoke.

CONCLUSION: Among the people of Chennai, it has been found that movies plays a significant role in increasing the smoking exposure. Further studies have to be carried out to identify how different content and different modes of media affect the population.

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