Influence Of Fashion And Textiles On Mental Health

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Shaik Rafia Sulthana


Textile is derived from the latin word textere, which means to weave. Textile is a fabric, made from fibers. Different types of fabrics with their different colors, textures give different type of emotions and feelings to the wearer. Clothes are a part of our life. They are also the out ward symbol of the person’s attitude, values and interest. They express our moods and our personality .when two persons meet their personality gives the first impression and expression and clothing is a very important part of personality .they also fulfill important psychological needs of conformity and self-confidence. there are different fabrics like cotton ,satin, crepe,  georgette and to note  Royal fabrics like silk, brocade , velvet were worn by royal families in past  and this attire gave grandiosity ,elegance and dignity which led to a balanced mental health ,happiness and satisfaction in their lives . This is the speciality of the textiles and different types of models, pattern of attires and style of a clothing lead to different emotions and confidence in people who wear them. Traditional dresses show a lot of uniqueness and speciality, regional influences over the persons and place they live in. Formal, casual, occasional dresses, clothing worn on interviews, marriage attires, school uniforms, professional uniforms show the uniformity, dignity, self respect and self confidence and also represent the Job profile. Different colours have influence on body and mental health. Fashion accessories, embroideries, fabric paintings and printings also give a sense of uniqueness. Fashion is a social expression. it shows the taste and values of an era and a way of expression by the person who wears it similar in context to as Paintings reflects the way people think and live defining social psychology. Fashion is as old as time and as new as tomorrow. it is and it was one of the powerful forces in our lives, it is a desire to decorate or beautify the human form, which has existed since the stone age .When the early man painted his body and face. The desire remains the same though the standard of beauty have changed. fashion has social, physical and psychological importance. Which gives each garment individuality. In this paper, a description and analysis has been made up on impact of fashion and textiles on mental health.

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