Effect Of Brand Image And Promotion On Purchase Decision

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Rudi Yacub


Because of the intense competition that exists between businesses in today's market, it is necessary for each company to continue to be inventive and creative when developing its marketing strategy. One of the most efficient marketing programs for communicating their products is to cultivate a favorable brand image and run a promotion program in the minds of consumers. This is done with the goal of assisting consumers in making decisions regarding their purchases. In Cimahi City, the purpose of this study is to investigate the impact that advertisements and perceptions of the company's brand have on the choice of whether or not to buy a Toyota Avanza. The method of sampling that was used was purposeful sampling, and the method of data analysis that was used was multiple linear regression. There were 120 people who participated in the study. The findings of the study indicate that promotion and brand image have a significant positive effect, both individually and in conjunction with one another, on the choice to buy a Toyota Avanza automobile in the city of Cimahi.

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