Prevalence And Effect Of Anxiety Among The Football Players From Different Cultural Backgrounds

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Dr. Mohibullah Khan Marwat , Dr. Rahila Nizami , Hummaira Farah , Muhammad Safdar Ali , Yasir Iqbal , Ms. Shagufta Akhtar , Samera Saman , Kashif Mehmood


Sports and anxiety have long been associated, and the story of anxiety has been as old as sports itself. It has been a natural phenomenon and its prevalence has also been spontaneous for every individual. Anxiety has got two different modes e.g. cognitive and somatic and prevalence of both is common in the field of sports. Main objective of the study was to measure the prevalence of anxiety among the respondents (N-174) from four different cultural backgrounds. Respondents from Punjab (N-61), Sindh (N-52), KPK (N-40) and Baluchistan (N-21). For the collection of data, Competitive State Anxiety Inventory –2 was used. Results of the study have confirmed that higher prevalence of cognitive anxiety was displayed by the players from Punjabi culture. In perspectives of the somatic anxiety, higher prevalence rate was shown by the players form the KPK culture. Player employ different types of coping strategies to reduce anxiety. Positive thinking, focusing upon controlling the causative factors, self-talk, simulation, engaging in physical activity and self-trust are the main elements which play positive role in reducing the cognitive anxiety. Similarly, for the reduction of somatic anxiety, its coping techniques include relaxation of the body, long breating, meditation, walking, body massage, exercise and healthy diet.   

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