Stress And Its Coping Strategies Among Male Volley Ball Players

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Samera Saman , Dr. Mohibullah Khan Marwat , Dr. Wasim Khan , Muhammad Shah , Dr. Rahila Nizami , Fouzia Tabassum , Yasir Iqbal , Kashif Mehmood


Background: Stress is something natural and it is very difficult rather impossible to completely discard the happening of stress either in sports or any other undertaking of life. However, it can be managed before it interrupts a person’s performance. How Volley Ball players manage stress was the basic purpose behind initiating this research study. Objectives: To explore the main stressors and to evaluate the management strategy for overcoming the stress employed by the Volley Ball players. Methodology: Survey approach was adopted for this study and purposive sampling technique was used for the selection of sample which comprised of the male Volleyball player from the different colleges. Data were collected with the help of questionnaire developed by the researcher. Results: Stressors which are most commonly prevalent include mental stressor, psychological stressor, motional stressor, physical stressors, social stressors and environmental stressors. So for as the management strategies are concerned, players mostly follow the method of taking long breaths, designing new playing strategy for the game, taking water or any other sport drink, engaging in hard physical exertion, bathing with warm water and altering attention etc. Conclusions: It is concluded that there are a number of stressors which work as causative factor for the onset of stress among male Volley Ball players. These factors include performance edge of the opponents, personal and team’s poor performance, continuous mistakes committed during the competition, selfish behavior of the players, partial behavior of the referee, uncertainty of selection, change in playing position, poor fitness level etc.

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