Aggression And Violence In Sports, Its Effects On Sports Performance

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Professor Dr. Mohibullah Khan Marwat , Dr. Rahila Nizami , Dr. Noor Muhammad , Ismatullah , Amer Latif , Yasir Iqbal , Kashif Mehmood , Samera Saman


Aggression and violence have been the part of human psychology and its essence has been woven in the very nature of the social animal. Sports sociologists have always been showing their concern about the ill effects of the phenomenon of aggression and violence as it has been entirely against the soft spirit of sports and recreation. This research study is undertaken to evaluate the existing literature, examining the possible causes of the prevalence of the violent behavior and to suggest practical preventive measures for controlling and curbing this menace. Aggression and violence in sports are the two different forms of hostile behavior and they both are associated with the personal vested interest of the person by inflicting harm to the opponent. Main focus of the study was to evaluate the effect of violence upon sports participation. So for, it has taken toll in terms of lives, injuries and damage to the property at large scale. Research has confirmed a number of measures which may prove productive in controlling aggression as well as violence in sports. These measure include effective role of media in discouraging violent behavior among the fans, strict compliance of rules and regulations of the game, affective surveillance system and stopping the suspects from entering the gathering. In addition to that, timely, unbiased and fair decision of the referee, level playing field for both sides and prompt supervision of the proceedings of the game are a few steps that may eradicate the menace of aggression and violence in the field of sports.

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