Archives Management Transparency At The Office Of The Ministry Of Religion Of South Sulawesi Province

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I Gst Ayu Uik Astuti , Sangkala , Hasniati , Muh. Tang Abdullah , Muh Akmal Ibrahim


All citizens have the right to information about all state policies. Transparency is a mandatory thing that must be provided to the public, especially document information that regulates people's lives in general so that good governance can be realized. This study aims to analyze aspects of transparency in archive management at the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion of South Sulawesi Province. This study uses qualitative methods with data sources from interviews with informants. Data analysis used an interactive analysis model. This study found that the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia has provided the SRI KANDI (Integrated Dynamic Archival Information System) application to realize transparent governance. However, the office of the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia, South Sulawesi Province, is still unprepared to provide access to archives for those in need due to the lack of human resources who master the application. Therefore, competent human resources are needed in the field of archives as special operators who handle archives.

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