Transformational Leadership, Organizational Commitment, Role Of Legislature In Implementation Of Good Governance And Its Impact On Village Government Performance

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Yesi Mutia Basri , Hariadi Yasni , Novita Indrawati


This study examines the influence of transformational leadership, organizational commitment, and legislative role on the implementation of good governance and examines the impact of good governance on the performance of the village government. The sampling technique used is proportional stratified sampling. Village officials who participated in the study were the Village Head, Village Secretary, Head of Affairs, and the Village Consultative Board. Of the 328 questionnaires sent, as many as 300 questionnaires were processed using PLS analysis. The test results show that transformational leadership has no effect on good governance however, organizational commitment and the role of the legislature have been shown to have a substantial impact on good governance implementation. Village government performance has been shown to improve with good governance. This research has a contributed to the village government in improving good governance.

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