How Tiktok Addiction Leads To Mental Health Illness? Examining The Mediating Role Of Academic Performance Using Structural Equation Modeling

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Dr. Muniba Fatima Zahra , Dr. Tehmina Ashfaq Qazi , Ashbeelah Shafaqat Ali , Dr. Noor Hayat , Dr. Taimoor ul Hassan


TikTok is a popular social media networking site among students. The features of this application such as collaborating videos, and duet has attracted and impressed billions of users all around the world and in Pakistan too. This research has observed how TikTok addiction is affecting the mental health of university students. This study has also explored the mediating role of academic performance between the relationship of TikTok addiction and mental health of university students. Depression and anxiety are taken as the parameters to measure the mental health of university students. Total 400 students enrolled in University of Central Punjab selected through purposive convenient sampling technique were surveyed to collect data. The results revealed that TikTok addiction affects the mental health of university students. Furthermore, this study serves as a base to create awareness among the students that TikTok addiction may be harmful to them in several ways. Students must be encouraged to limit time on using TikTok and must focus on their education.

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