The Level Of Awareness Among Construction Workers Regarding Welfare Measures – A Special Reference To Mysore City

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Rajgopal N. N , Dr. Kumudini Achchi


Followed by agriculture in India, construction industry stands as one of the biggest, fast growing unorganised sectors with huge labour force involved with skilled and semi-skilled standards. The work involved here are temporary and casual in nature with absence of basic amenities and inadequate social security and welfare facilities. In order to provide adequate and healthy working conditions and welfare facilities to the labour involved in construction field, the Government of India has constituted the legislation and extended other welfare measures through State Welfare Board and planned the welfare scheme in 2006. Keeping these intervention in mind, the present study focused on determining the awareness levels of the labourers towards welfare measures and schemes extended. To understand the same, the researcher has  done literature survey and review. Further, has adopted exploratory research design  and through self-developed interview schedule 300 respondents were interviewed based on random selection technique among 65 wards of the Mysore city corporation. Later respondent data was grouped and analysed using SPSS statistical 16.0 software to determine the awareness of welfare measures and Scheme. The study reveals that majority of construction workers who were men aged between 18-30 years has low level of awareness on available welfare services because of poor quality of implementation at the site. Infact, both labourer and contractor found been not aware of the welfare measures. Thus there is a need for intervention in creating awareness as well as improving the quality of implementation of policies and programmes related.

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