The Role Of Simultaneous Four-Dimensional Engineering In Providing Sustainable Products / An Applied Study In The State Company For The Textile And Leather Industry / Factory No. (7)

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Suhair Abdullah Alwan , Assistant Professor. Abdulridha Lateef Jasim


The lack of local sales and the tendency of most customers to buy imported products, and the decline of the industrial sector, which made it necessary for the industrial sector to adopt the latest technologies and modern methods to compete with other products.

The research aims to demonstrate the role of 4D simultaneous engineering technology in providing sustainable products

The General Company for the Textile and Leather Industry / Factory No. (7) was chosen as the subject of research, and the researcher adopted the deductive approach in the theoretical aspect of research and the inductive approach in the practical aspect.

The research reached several conclusions, the most important of which is that the application of four-dimensional simultaneous engineering technology in the economic unit in question leads to the provision of sustainable products that have high quality advantages, reduce costs and provide them as soon as possible, in addition to that they take into account the environmental, economic and social aspects.

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