Content Analysis Of Mukbang Videos: Preferences, Attitudes And Concerns

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Syeda Fahima Shahnaz Sultana , Prof. Madhushree Das


A recent internet phenomenon that mukbang is, this trend has creators and viewers across the globe of varied cultures and norms. With its increasing popularity, many mukbang video creators are continuously emerging. But not all content attracts views. The preference of the viewers is the means to gaining more views. This study is aimed at exploring the preference of the viewers through the content created and also in assessing their attitudes and concerns regarding mukbang and mukbanger through the comments they post under the videos. The attitudes and concerns of the viewers ranged across positive and negative. Some viewers even went to the extent of guilt tripping and body shaming the mukbanger despite themselves watching such videos. It is also seen that the views garnered by a video is affected by the content included in the video. Mukbang is therefore, a continuous process of exchange of attitudes and preferences between mukbanger and the viewers.

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