Human Resources Development At Vietnam Tea Corporation

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Phan Ba Thinh


Human resource is an important production and business factor of each enterprise, a premise for the existence and development of Vietnam Tea Corporation. Developing human resources is an important task to create quality, diverse, rich and valuable products, creating a competitive advantage to help Vietnam Tea Corporation increase its brand and export value and successfully implement the corporation’s business goals in the coming period. Developing human resources for tea processing at Vietnam Tea Corporation in the context of technological innovation from traditional black and green tea processing technology to filter bag tea processing technology, matcha tea is one of the solutions to develop human resources for Vietnam Tea Corporation in order to increase the added value of tea products in the global value chain, and actively integrate into the international economy. Research on human resource development for tea processing at Vietnam Tea Corporation through a survey of 265 employees at the corporation during the period from October to December 2021. Research using method exploratory factor study (CFA), and multivariate regression model, test ANOVA. Research results show that knowledge, skills, attitudes and occupational culture have an influence on the human resources development for tea processing at Vietnam Tea Corporation.

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