A Contrastive Study Of Implicitness And Intertextuality In English And Arabic Liberal Media Discourse

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Ayhan Omer Ahmed , Prof. Dr. Qasim Obayes Al-Azzawi (Ph.D.)


This study attempts to explore the status of implicitness and intertextuality, which are two vital elements in generating media discourse, by answering the questions: how are implicitness and intertextuality produced in English and Arabic Liberal Media? How do implicitness and intertextuality occur together in English and Arabic Liberal Media? What is the intention of speakers behind their use of intertextuality? Do the speakers intentionally or unintentionally use these concepts? What are the speakers’ reasons for using intertextuality? To what extent implicitness and intertextuality are dependent on each other in liberal discourse?                                                                                                                                                         

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