The Role Of Media In Islamic Da’wah In A Plural Society: Significance, Prerequisites And Techniques

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Dr. Muhammad Akram Hureri , Abdur Rehman , Hafiz Wahaib ur Rehman Naeem , Zobia Parveen , Dr. Mohammad Zakir Hashmi , Abdul Basit


The paper aims to highlight the role of media in promoting the noble cause of Islamic da’wah and preaching of Islamic philosophy in the plural society and multiracial community. The excellence of Muslim Ummah (nation) predominantly lies in presenting and propagating the real message of Islam to human beings worldwide. In order to retain the title of the best Ummah, Muslims are responsible for delivering and conveying the Islamic teachings with their real essence and true spirit to the entire humanity. For achieving this sacred purpose, Muslims need to utilize all possible means in the contemporary world, including modern media and modern ways of communication. Nowadays, the media industry has brought an outstanding revolution in broadcasting any messages and news. Therefore, media can be of great importance for Islamic preachers to perform da’wah’s responsibility in the plural and multiracial society. The modern media tools highlight its necessity for an Islamic da’i and da’wah tasks. Undoubtedly, application of modern media tools for da’wah activity can play a key role in spreading the message of the Qur’an and Sunnah, which ultimately will portray a real picture of Islam. This article investigates the significance, pre-requisites and various modes and principles of communication, which can ultimately support da’wah activities in a multicultural society and multiracial culture worldwide. The article uses qualitative research methodology employing content analysis for examining the relevant data. It is hoped that the current study would be imperative in providing a theoretical framework for practice for Islamic da’is and da’wah.

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