Teaching Qualification As Correlate For Teachers’ Effectiveness For Quality Mathematics Instruction: A Study Of Primary Teachers In Fijian Classrooms

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Taraivini Raiula ; Victor Alasa ; Ilisapeci Qabale ; Sereima Takiveikata ; & Fabiano Tikoinavuso


The objective of this study is to explore and compare teacher effectiveness of primary school mathematics teachers in Fijian classrooms, with respect to teaching qualification. The study involves a descriptive survey using stratified random sampling technique with a sample size of 370 primary school teachers, which covers each stratum from the four major Education Divisions: Northern, Central, Western and Eastern. The Kulsum's (1971) Teacher Effectiveness Scale was used as a tool and One-way ANOVA is used to analyse the data quantitatively. One of the major findings of this study is that there is a significant difference in 'Preparation and Planning,' 'Classroom Management,' and 'Knowledge of Subject-matter' Components of Teacher Effectiveness among teachers with different levels of teaching qualification. Other findings are being detailed in the paper.

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