The Use Of Polyethylene Strips For In Stream Treating Of Agriculture Wastewater Drains

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El Nadi, M. H. , Hassan, A. A. , Mohamed, S. A. , Abdelmomen , M. M. , Soliman, R.A.


This study aimed to apply a new technique of treatment inside stream using polyethylene sheets strips as a very cheap method for improving the efficiency of agriculture wastewater to meet the irrigation reuse needs. The pilot was built inside Faqous Wastewater Treatment plant held nearby Bahr El Bakar agricultural drain in El Sharqiyah Governorate, Egypt. polyethylene strips were used as instream media treatment where the operation program was made to determine the suitability for applying the polyethylene strips for treatment inside the stream and achieved success in BOD,COD,DO,TSS,HM removal with ratio 46.4, 28,28 ,29, and 23.6%respectively.This showed the success of the polyethylene strips in removal and if the number of polyethylene strips lines   will increase and the interval distance between lines increase that gives channel the chance to return to its steady state flow and decrease its velocity and gives better results in removal.

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