Experimental Investigation On Di Diesel Engine Operated With Rice Bran MethylEster Blends Mixed With Nanoparticles

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Dr. Chiranjeeva Rao Seela , Dr. M.Vykunta Rao B , Dr.Ch.Vinod babu


Diesel engines are well adapted by mankind because of their low fuel consumption of research has been done to improve its performance like engine modifications, alternate fuels etc. In recent times researchers have focused more on alternate fuels, with the depleting trend of petro diesel. Biodiesel is the one of such alternate fuel whose calorific value nearer to diesel. Most of the researchers concluded that with the usage of biodiesels the emissions can be reduced maintaining the consistency in efficiency, compared to diesel. In the present era of Nano technology there is the scope to improve the efficiency of engines using Nano additives in diesel.

In this work single cylinder 4 stroke DI diesel engine is selected. The performance of different blends of rice bran methyl esters for which cerium oxide (CeO2 ) Nano additives of size 30-50 nm is added in different proportions in 4 stroke DI diesel engine. From the experimental results it is observed that for the blend B20 with 0.04 g Cerium oxide thermal efficiencies are increased and brake specific fuel consumption is decreased. It is also observed that the emitted smoke from the engine is also reduced.

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