Urbanization Trend In North East India: An Empirical Study

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Dr. Ram Krishna Mandal , Dr. Mohammad Afsar Alam , Dr. Ravinesh Rohit Prasad & Dr. Sakul Kundra


The urbanization is the most essential for all round development of the developing nations, as it has increased employment, income and standard of living in these countries. The environment is deteriorating and the earth’s resources are fast running out due to over saturation of urban areas. Almost all the cities in India especially the cities of Assam suffer from the same problems. The paper tries to search the ongoing urbanization trend in north east region of India. This study is a descriptive type of research based on secondary data gathered from books, articles, websites, web-based journals, Census Reports and government offices. Serious attention should be given to the need for improving urban strategies, which promote efficiency in resource use. There is an urgent need to tackle the problem of population growth in the urban areas in a rational manner, without which the urban environment will be polluted and unfit for healthy life. 

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