Optimization Of Regional Spatial Plan Implementation In Handling Of Space Utilization Of Water Resistance Area (Case Study: Water Resistance Area Of Ciamis Regency)

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Zefri , Hasan Ma’mun


This research is entitled Optimization of Regional Spatial Plan Implementation in Handling of Space Utilization of Water resistance area, Case Study: Water resistance area of ​​Ciamis Regency. The formulation of the problem in the study are; 1) What is the typology of the potential and problems of water resistance area  in Ciamis Regency; 2) How is the implementation of the function of the RTRW in handling the use of space in the water catchment area in Ciamis Regency? This research aims to optimize the application of the RTRW to realize the consistent function of water resistance area in the Ciamis Regency. The analytical methods include weighting, superimpose, and qualitative description. The results obtained: 1) in the existing conditions, land uses are unsuitable for water resistance area, such as settlements and seasonal agriculture. Existing settlements have the potential to continue to grow in line with the demands of population development which will continue to grow; 2) the ability of the area to absorb rainwater in the research location varies in potential. Likewise, the potential for settlement development in the research location has different capabilities. Ideally, the potential for settlement development is in a location with low water absorption capacity. However, the facts that occur at the research location are inconsistent. So there need to be directions to accommodate all of these potentials while still optimizing the water absorption function; 3) Local government efforts to convert all research sites into forest areas will be faced with obstacles in freeing existing settlements, converting rice fields into forests and potential developments that need to be anticipated. On this basis, the concept of zero runoff and agroforestry is expected to be a solution to accommodate the potential for settlement development and seasonal agriculture while still paying attention to the preservation of the function of water resistance area.

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