Bibliometrics Analysis Of Primary Education Policy On The Scopus Database

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Hai- Hoang Nam , Thu- Do Minh , Toan – Le Vu , Thang-Nguyen The , Thang –Ngoc Hoang


Primary education is one of the most essential educational sectors, not only because it offers the foundation for learning but also because it gives the early knowledge of an individual's life following grades As a result, the primary education policy must meet all of the following needs in terms of both text content and guidelines, objectives, and associated concerns to aid the educational policy. Primary education is designed to influence the function and meaning of this sector. The volume bibliography used in this study is to review primary education policy research conducted, the most influential authors, and the countries with the majority of publications in the community, science, and other aspects to give a broad picture of policy research over the past five decades. The only reference from a single database is the Scopus database, so this study has limitations on publications on primary policy research in languages other than English if studies on primary school policy are available in primary education policy in other languages, the picture in this field will be richer and more complete.

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