Assessment Of The Contribution Of Indian Women In Freedom Struggle

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Monjita Basumatary , Dr. Seema Rani


The contribution of women in freedom struggle is notworthy to mention that without which study of the history of Indian freedom struggle will be incomplete. Women were participated valiantly and strengthen the movement. They provide all support to men to achive success in struggle. The history of freedom struggle reflect with the saga of sacrifice, selflessness and bravery of women. Hundreds of women were fought side by side with their male counterparts. They fought with true courage and spirit. The women broke all the restrictions and got-out of their traditional home oriental roles and responsibilities. That was so praiseworthy. But it is not easy for women to fight as warrior in the male dominating society. Female tried to change the perceptions of such orthodox people who thought women are meant to do only household works. Moreover women not only sacrifice their lives but also combat such issues. Laxmi Bai is a great who fought valiantly, Sarojini Naidu strive hard to bring unity among different communities, Aruna Asaf Ali is an ardent soldier of the army freedom fighter in 1942. Suchita Kripalani left her jobs university and plunge into struggle Mridula Sarabai participated in the salt Satyagraha in 1930. This paper try to highlight the contribution of Indian women in freedom struggle.

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