Influence Of Academic Procrastination On Scholastic Achievement Among Trainee Teachers

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T. Gheetha , Dr. T. Sivasakthi Rajammal


The development of a nation is not possible without quality education. The development of a good personality in every human being is very essential in the case of nation building is the conviction of Swami Vivekananda (Barman & Bhattacharyya, 2012). Etymologically, the term ‘procrastination’ is coined from two Latin words ‘Pro’ which means ‘in favor of, and ‘crastinus’ which means ‘tomorrow’, implying having an inclination to do something tomorrow. Procrastination is a tendency to delay starting, implementing, and ending an activity (Fajhriani, 2020). Though it seems not to be a harmful or damaging behaviour in its peripheral sense, continuous procrastination is bound to have a negative and detrimental effect on the overall excellence of any task. The student who has the habit of doing the given academic work immediately, without delaying, is stress-free and would be good at in their studies. So, the need is felt by the investigator to do this research. In this research study, we were discussing the influence of academic procrastination on scholastic achievement among trainee teachers.  In the present study, the normative survey method will be adopted. Random sampling technique to be adopted for this study. The sample consists of 325 trainee teachers from various government, government-aided, and private colleges of education in Dharmapuri and Salem districts in Tamil Nadu. The data collected in the present study were analyzed using a measure of central tendency, t-test, and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).  According to the study findings, female trainee teachers have a high level of academic procrastination on scholastic achievement when compared to male trainee teachers, Tamil medium trainee teachers have a high level of Academic Procrastination on Scholastic Achievement than English medium trainee teachers and there is no significant difference in the Academic Procrastination on Scholastic Achievement among Trainee teachers with respect to their type of college. Trainee teachers are the future prospective teachers who would be involving nation- building and integrated development of children, and they need to possess good study habits, overcoming all the barriers, including procrastination.

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