A Critical Analysis Of India's National Education Policy (2020): Insights Into Educational Transformation

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Srujana Kathi , Annavarapu Ramesh Naidu and B. Rangaiah


National Education Policy 2020 is the first education policy of the 21st century that envisions worldwide access to good quality education. It proposes to revamp and revise all educational organization features, including its regulation and governance. It seeks to ensure goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Agenda (SDG4), which contemplates comprehensive justifiable quality education promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. Incorporating liberal schooling into the existing education system is a remarkable move allowing for the need to endorse creativity and novelty. This kind of restructuring, both at the level of school and higher educational institutions, might have an intense influence on the quality of education, gross enrolment ratio, employability research, and internationalization in the future. Therefore, the policy aims to transform India's educational landscape from local to global leadership with equity, quality, inclusion, and access. In this article, the holistic, transformative insight of the National Education Policy has been elucidated with a spotlight on reforms in School Education and Higher Education and accentuated the implications of technology interventions for innovative teaching-learning.

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