Qualitative Analysis Of Stromal Collagen In Different Grades Of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Using Special Stains

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Dr. Roli Singh , Dr. Vijay Wadhwan , Dr. Vandana Reddy


Introduction: Oral cancer constitutes as a major health issue in developing countries, representing the leading cause of death. The characteristics of the stroma in relation to the invading malignant epithelial cells and the interdependence between the stroma and the tumor cells are always a matter of discussion and interest.
Aim: To evaluate and compare the changes of stromal collagen fibres in different grades of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma (OSCC) sections stained with Masson’s Trichrome, Van Gieson & Picrosirius Red stain and compare with normal oral mucosa.
Materials & Methods: A total of 40 histologically proven cases comprising 10 well differentiated OSCC, 10 moderately differentiated OSCC, 10 poorly differentiated OSCC and 10 cases normal oral mucosa were examined for the changes in collagen fibres by using special stains (Van Gieson, Masson Trichrome, and Picrosirius Red). Interpretation of staining intensity was carried out and statistically analysed.
Results: It was observed that there was gradual change in staining intensity of stromal collagen fibers from well to poorly differentiated OSCC sections stained with special stains.
Conclusion: The observation of study revealed that altered staining intensity of collagen fibres may indicate their role in tumour invasion which interprets that tumour cells are capable of manipulating the extracellular matrix resulting in destruction of surrounding stroma.

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