Sexual Abuse Of Children With Cognitive Disability: A Study Of Telangana

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Hameeda Begum Safavi , Dr. Sandhya Kumari


The increased number of child safety cases is one of the most serious social issues in developing countries such as India. A frighteningly large number of patients have been registered across the country as a result of sexual abuse of children with cognitive disabilities.. Some of the findings clearly state that the issues have a more significant impact on states like Telangana. The initial considerations state that the problems are getting worse with the help of social, legal, and other relatively accountable sources of operation. These statistics show that the number of cases of sexual abuse of children has increased significantly since 2019, with the rate of growth estimated to be close to 36%, which is not suitable for this state or the country. The greater the vulnerability associated with individuals' disabilities, the more children become one of the more important reasons for being assaulted or harassed by known individuals. A brief statistical evaluation and findings based on the POCSO rules and regulations, along with the database presentation from the crime report 

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