The Black American Female’s Struggle For Assertion

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Dr. Nasim Akhtar , Dr. Ameer Ahmad Khan ,Dr.Shahzad Ahmad ,Dr. Reefaqat Husain


Feminism is a counter discourse or a resistant reaction to the patriarchal structures of power that subjugate women’s interests, lives, sexuality and all. Political, cultural and sociological factors are intertwined with feminist liberation movements. The purposefully created and domineering social structure and the man woman relationships are hegemonic and at the same time repressive, feminists believe. The struggle against this oppression has been there over centuries and women have attained remarkable progress in their status resulting from organized and unorganized movements. Afro-American feminism is a different and at the same time related liberation movement by the Black women intellectuals of America. It is an intellectual, artistic, philosophical, and activist practice grounded in Black women’s lived experiences. Apart from social movements, literature and various art forms became the major weapons of this radical struggle and the results are welcoming and fruitful.

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